Last night’s Dexter was a hell of a episode if I ever saw one. Here are 5 burning questions we were left with after watching!

hannah mckay dexter

Are Dexter’s feelings for Hannah real?
We’ve all seen Dexter struggle with connecting to people. Hell, when Deb asked him last week if he was even capable of love, I think we all wondered it ourselves. I mean, when we were first introduced to Dexter, it was as someone incapable of real emotions. So what is his deal with Hannah then? He seemed  pretty strategic in asking her out, but there was this underlying feeling that he felt something there – that he connected with her for more than just their mutual love for murder. And that manifested itself in the last few minutes of the episode when instead of sticking a knife in her chest, he stripped off the plastic wrap and had sex with her on his table!

Will Sal and Deb get serious?
As charming as this Sal guy is, it seems like a textbook ploy to get Deb to give up information for his upcoming book. And let’s be honest, Deb has horrible taste in men. First the Ice Truck Killer, then Quinn and now her own brother. I doubt she and this crime author will get too serious, but how will Deb’s cases suffer because it? Or is his only real intention to get Hannah locked up?

Will Quinn get busted?
Does anyone else think Quinn is going to end up dead at some point this season? Things are not looking good for our loveable bad boy as he accepted a bribe to keep Nadia, the stripper, safe. He’s known this woman for, like, two seconds, which is bothersome. Still, it’s not hard to believe a guy like Quinn longs for that kind of comfort. But risking his life and career by destroying evidence so Isaac can walk? That’s insane. Even for him. And it’s clear that this will blow up in his face at some point or another. I’m just hoping he doesn’t die because of it. (Though, he probably will.)

Is Batista on his way out?
Are the writers setting up Angel’s exit from the show? He’s been talking about buying a restaurant and retiring, much to Deb’s chagrin, and it’s worrying me. Something is being planned here and I just don’t know what it is yet. Either it really is just the character’s endgame or it’s a setup for a more elaborate (and probably-tragic) storyline. We shall see.

Will LaGuerta find Dexter out?
This is the biggest question of the season, by far. Considering the show is nearing its end, I think it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” The deeper she looks into the Bay Harbor Butcher cases, the closer she gets to finding Dexter out. And sure, Deb can intervene and cover up some mistakes on Dexter’s part, but will something slip through the cracks? My guess is yes. It’s only a matter of time.

What do you think? Speculate with your theories in the comments!

Written by Sharon Tharp. Follow Sharon on Twitter to talk all things TV.