Last night’s Dexter wasn’t my favorite episode, but it still left us with even more questions than ever. It seems the walls are closing in on our beloved protagonist! Here are 5 burning questions we were left with after watching!

yvonne strahovski

Will Dexter and Hannah last?
I have to say, I’m not the biggest fan of Dexter’s newfound infatuation with Hannah. I get it. She “accepts” him and he longs for that in his life, but this whirlwind romance is clearly toxic and I can see it leading to Dexter’s inevitable demise. Not to mention, he claimed he might be falling in love with her! So I guess that means he really was lying when he told Deb he loved Rita? “Is this what loves feel like? Is this how it begins? Am I even capable of this?” Ugh, make this end. PLEASE.

Will Dexter kill Hannah?
Speaking of Hannah, now that she killed Sal and Deb is on to her, how will Dexter handle the situation? Deb is actually telling him to do what he does and kill her because “she deserves it.” But we all know Dexter can’t kill her if he’s falling for her. I think his deleting of Sal’s research was just the beginning of him protecting Hannah. But even if he doesn’t go through with it, Deb has the tapes from Sal as evidence now. Too bad Hannah has immunity for those murders…

What’s going to come of Quinn’s lies?
Quinn is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole every week. We’re still supposed to believe that he loves this stripper so much that he would risk his career by accepting bribes to keep her safe? Sure, he gave Batista the $10,000 to invest in his new restaurant, but I have a feeling this will not end well. It’s only a matter of time before someone finds out he trashed the evidence against Isaak and is the official mole in the Miami Metro homicide department.

How will Isaak handle Dexter?
The mob leader has made it his life mission to kill Dexter for murdering that Victor guy. But why hasn’t he done it yet? Why is this storyline dragging on for so long? And, he’s also on to Dexter, pointing out that his killing of Victor didn’t seem like revenge for Mike’s death. Uh oh.

What will LaGuerta do with the information she found?
So we don’t know exactly what LaGuerta found, but we did see her recognize Dexter’s name showing up on a two lists while cross-referencing some information regarding the Bay Harbor Butcher cases. Even though Deb is trying to steer her away from the obvious, it looks like everything is about the blow up in Dexter’s face sooner rather than later. And if Deb keeps pushing, won’t it be all the more obvious to LaGuerta that they know something?

Either way, sh*t is about to hit the fan!

What do you think? Speculate with your theories in the comments!

Written by Sharon Tharp. Follow Sharon on Twitter to talk all things TV.