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He…worships bulls? What is up with what he was wearing? I feel like last season was all about stuff like this… I mean, does he think he’s a bull and stuff, or a minotaur?

Hannah McKay

I’m a huge fan of Yvonne Strahovski, so I am so glad she’s landed a spot on Dexter. I don’t have the patience for flowers, but I am fascinated by people who do. So I think the character of Hannah is really interesting, how she has greenhouses and tends to all these flowers. Granted, she needed a hobby after her horrible early life.

Obviously Dexter was sexually attracted to Hannah, and that’s why he got nervous around her. At least, that’s my theory.

Technology’s Gonna Getcha

That damn bracelet helped the bad guys track down Dexter. But at least we witnessed Dexter getting rid of Lewis before Lewis was killed, it’s more satisfying that way. However, will the goons know how to clean up Lewis’ blood and DNA enough that it won’t resurface sometime and make it look like Dexter murdered Lewis.

yvonne strahovski dexterDexter “Buck the System” Season 7 Quotes

“He was being very uncooperative.” – Dexter

“A groundskeeper in a cemetery. That’s appropriate.” – Dexter

“This one has a smoothie bar.” – Dexter

“People will always be lazy and they will always have dogs.”

“I understand more about police work than I care to.” – Hannah McKay

“You think you are strong. But you are not strong if you do not feel.”

“This is what my life has become?” – Dexter Quotes

“I have the worst luck with interns.” – Masuka

“You do this for a living?” – Hannah McKay

“It was a hooker. It’s not cheating if you’re paying for it.” – Lewis

“It’s a capital offense to be who you are.” – Deb

“An alarm is going off in my lizard brain.” – Dexter
“Great, now my brother has a lizard brain.” – Deb

“My lizard brain has been your secret weapon all along, you just didn’t know it.” – Dexter

“Everything’s changed.” – Deb

Refund the $

Lewis is awful. Dexter’s plan was pretty smart. Ditto with getting Jamie to dump him.

Deb’s Rules

There’s a fundamental question about whether Harry was right or wrong about how he trained Dexter. I’ll admit I change my mind just about as often as Dexter does. (Probably because I’m led in that direction by the show.)

Deb is way too loose with Dexter. He’s a serial killer, but he wants to go to the gym.  Sure, we all need cardio.

Even if Deb approves of why Dexter kills, she can’t be okay with why he does it. And that’s a problem.

yvonne strahovski dexter


When Dexter is staying at Deb’s… Harrison is just with his babysitter, all the time? And we already know that Harrison had the same young experience like young Dexter did… so it seems like Dexter will have a very specific legacy. I predict that the final season of Dexter will jump ahead till where Harrison is a young teen, and Dexter will give him a code.

What did you think of this episode? Is Deb letting him off too easy?

Dexter Season 7 Episode 3 | Dexter “Buck the System” Review | Episode written by Jace Richdale

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