Dexter season 7 episode 3 recapped below!

This week Deb is still keeping her eye on Dexter as she tries to come to terms with his Dark Passenger. Dexter is having a hard time adjusting to his “new code” and attacks an unruly detainee when the guy refuses to give him a DNA sample. Deb tries to calm him down, but it’s clear that suppressing his urges just makes him want to kill more. “Sooner or later, this is going to catch up to you,” she tells him. But, she promises to back off a little bit so he doesn’t go completely insane.

But Dexter has other plans anyway. He opens up an old file on Ray Speltzer, a crazed murderer who was just paroled. He’s a groundskeeper in a cemetery and Dexter does some recon by following him. Deb finds out and is not happy that Dex is back to his old ways.

Meanwhile, Quinn is cozying up to the stripper Nadia who is working him for information. In fact, they are working each other for information. She inquires about a bracelet Katja was wearing that had a tracking device on it. Issac threatens her to stay close to Quinn so they can find out what happened to Victor, but Quinn doesn’t have any evidence of the bracelet. He asks Nadia on a date because, you know, that’s totally not a conflict of interest or anything. She admits she was asked to get close to him and they strike up a deal to give each other intel. Then, they have sex.

Crazy Louis is fired by Masuka after he receives the Ice Truck Killer’s hand in the mail (courtesy of Dexter). Dexter gives him a little smile as he walks out, which I find pretty hilarious. When he gets home, he finds Jamie crying on his couch. Dexter also geniusly mailed the video of Louis getting a blowjob from a hooker. She storms out, effectively breaking up with him. “It’s not cheating if you pay for it.” Hah!

Back at Miami Metro, Donna Randall (the mother of the guy who killed himself last week – Wayne) comes in to speak to Deb with some old evidence her son asked her to hold onto. Deb has Dexter look into it and get the DNA of his ex-girlfriend, Hannah McKay. Hannah now owns a nursery and spends her time gardening in her greenhouse. She’s not very cooperative as she doesn’t want to relive her past. Dexter seems to get distracted by her beauty and drops the swab stick. “You do this for a living?” she asks. I’d put money down that they’re definitely going to hook up at some point.

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Later, Dexter tells Deb he’s going to the gym, but she finds him at the bar. He knew she was following him, so he decides this is the time to tell her about his plan to kill Speltzer. Obviously, she’s not behind the idea. Dexter catches Speltzer spending time in a random mausoleum, but before he can check it out, he gets a call from Deb. He’s trying to gather evidence for her, but Deb wants to do everything by the book. He warns her that there’s just not enough time for that.

Isaac and his friends find out that the GPS chip kept moving after Katja died. It went from Victor’s apartment to the airport to the marina, and unfortunately for Dexter, they find the exact slip where his boat is parked. When he and his minions show up at Dexter’s boat slip, they find Louis there and mistake him for the boat’s owner. “Kiss my ass, you ginger freak,” Louis says as he’s about to sink it. They threaten him for information regarding Victor and he admits the boat belongs to Dexter, who happens to work for Miami Metro Homicide. Then, Isaac shoots Louis in the face, which confuses me. Not the shooting part, but I really thought this Louis storyline would have lasted longer. They spent all last season leading up to it.

Deb shows LaGuerta Speltzer’s file, but doesn’t have enough to get a warrant. She suggests putting a patrol car on him, but when that doesn’t work out, Deb just heads over to his house herself. Some random chick shows up to hang out with him while Dexter snoops around the mausoleum. There’s a shrine in there, so he tries to send the proof to Deb, but it’s too late. She hears screams and heads into Speltzer’s house alone. (Real smart.) When Dexter hears her message, he runs over to find Deb in the house getting chased. Sadly, the girl is killed before they can do anything and Speltzer gets away. But now, Deb feels really guilty she didn’t just let Dexter do what he does. And so it begins!


She heads to the ocean to collect her thoughts and comes back to tell Dexter that he was right. “So you accept it?” he asks. No, she doesn’t, but now it seems she understands it. But she doesn’t understand the blood slides, which are trophies just like Speltzer’s earrings. Deb wants him to move out and back into his own place. The tension between them is palpable and borderline sexual. “I’m still your brother. Nothing’s changed,” he tells her. She doesn’t think so. “Everything’s changed,” she says.


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