With his blood spatter photos all over the walls, Zach is a true mini me for Dexter. But who likes to be copied? I feel defensive if someone even orders the same entrée as me at a restaurant!

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Hannah McKay returns

Though Yvonne Strahovski is beloved by her fans, not many of us love the character of Hannah. There are only six episodes left, which means that Hannah will play a pivotal role in it all. But do we have TIME for her to come back and muck things around when we moved past her so neatly (I thought) already? I’d rather some other character return, to be honest.

Dexter finale spoilers

How will Dexter end? My guess is that all of this play about the power Dexter has to spare or take lives is going to end up with it coming back on him. I’m not so certain anyone will ever find out that he’s a serial killer, but I do suspect that Hannah or Zach might be the one to kill him. It’s a dark ending, but since when is Dexter not dark? If they want to go for a happier send-off, what else could it be? That Harrison is going to go down the same path? That sees unlikely, since Zach is the potential protégé. Or will Dexter be found out, sent to jail? None of those have the same sort of “WHAM” emotional payoff that Dexter dying would have. But these are just musings.

It seems like Zach is going to kill Cassie (Bethany Joy Lenz) though… so maybe no one kills Dex…

A Choice

Is it right to have Dexter teach Zach about the code and be his “spiritual father”?

Stay tuned for the latest from ‘Dexter’ season 8, and join us next week for the a new Dexter review of “Dress Code.”

Do you think Dexter will die in the finale? Are you happy to see Hannah back? Do you trust Vogel and her sneaky ways? Who is Hannah married to? Aaaah. So many questions, and Strahovski’s hair is growing out and looks gorgeous so I’m just going to go look at images from her fansite because I am flirting with going blonde, myself…

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