Both landed on different teams, but Destinee Quinn (Team Christina) and Holly Henry (Team Blake) won us over with their sense of style. In a conference call that took place on Wednesday, September 25th, Small Screen Scoop talked with both of these lovely ladies who are advancing on The Voice 2013.

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The Voice. Photo: NBC

Destinee Quinn and Holly Henry Conference Interview

Jessica Rae for Small Screen Scoop: Even after just seeing you guys once, I’m so intrigued by your fashions. Can you both describe your personal sense of style?

destinee quinn the voice

Destinee Quinn

Destinee Quinn: For my style… definitely country. I love my cowboy boots.  I  love the summery …sweet, kind of country look. But I have another side of me that is that more a Rock ‘N Roll type of country.

holly henry the voice

Holly Henry

Holly Henry: I wear a lot of black. (“I can attest for that, I was her roommate – I saw her suitcase.” – Destinee Quinn) I don’t really know if I have a certain style. I like clothes that are too big. I like dresses with lots of lace. Maybe you could describe it as slightly Gothic but I don’t know if that is exactly the right way to describe it. Lots of black.

We can’t wait to see more of their fashion on screen!

More intel from the call:

“I feel like people are being so generous, and so supportive. And I’m just so grateful for it.” – Holly Henry about being on iTunes

“This was me, getting up and trying again.” – Tessanne Chin on why she picked the Pink song “Try”

“It was absolutely breathtaking, and I am absolutely grateful.” – Tessane Chin, on her blind audition

“For me, I choose Adam because he is a musical chameleon.” – Tessane Chin, on why she picked Team Adam Levine

“Country music is what comes natural to me. But I love singing songs from other genres… it makes me a more rounded artist. but I do really believe that country is where I’m supposed to be.” – Destinee Quinn

Trivia: E.G. Daily didn’t sign up for this audition, her friend did it for her.

Jonny has a vibrant, humorous personality.

Holly is a sweet girl, and very humble. Everyone of her teammates seem to try to bolster her confidence to keep her from shrinking away or feeling shy.

Destinee is incredibly well-spoken and friendly.

“If I can make you believe a song, then I’ve done what I’ve set out to do.” – Tessanne Chin

E.G. Daily is very thoughtful and when she speaks, it’s almost just…very wise, very wonderful to digest as a listener.

Jacquie Lee has the sweetest talking voice, and her boots? They are from Vera Wang, of all places.