Are we all just too hopeful? The news about Party Down and Gravity being canceled was devastating to the fans. While there was perhaps not as many fans as Starz would have liked, we know there were more fans for both shows than were ever accurately represented in those ratings.

The demographic for Party Down was exactly the sort of smart 20-something who knows how to use torrents and prefers using them to anything else.

Unpredictable in the sense that it was actually funny: Party Down / Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott

And even with some of the Party Down cast members moving on after season 2, when we interviewed Gravity creator Jill Franklyn she said the change of cast members in a show about cater waiters seemed natural.

“My understanding is that when Party Down originated they knew going in the possibility of cast changes because of the premise of actor/caterers it was inherent in the idea, the change of characters. It wouldn’t make any sense if some of the actors actually didn’t get jobs.” – Jill Franklyn, Gravity

But here we are, two shows down and I certainly don’t feel wiser or older or anything much other than desperately disappointed.

A fact that holds true is that when people are passionate about a project, they want to do it no matter what. And vice versa, when people need money they’ll do just about any movie or TV movie. (This is greatly why the Lifetime channel even exists.) And as the Veronica Mars movie (powerful fans, small numbers) has never gotten made, we don’t have much hope to see a Party Down movie, either.

“We want it so bad. We could do it for no money, no time. We would do it for free. I just don’t know if we’re legally allowed to do it.” – Lizzy Caplan to Alan Sepinwall of Hit Fix

Don’t clap too hard for this, our Tinkerbell was probably DOA.