I didn’t even know about the HGTV reality TV show Design Star until a couple weeks ago when I marathoned season 5 on Hulu like a crazy person who didn’t need sleep. See, I love interior design and this is right up my velvet-y draped alley. Now that Design Star season 6 has begun, I feel surprised that not more people seem to be aware or interested in it. But, forget about those people. If you’re reading this, you’re clearly a fan of the show. Let’s talk about it. And the first thing to talk about is all the changes that have taken place since season 5.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think that last season was the first for Design Star, and that’s why there are so many changes for this new season. I’m not entirely sure what feedback the show got that had them add a host position, a mentor position, and a different elimination sequence, but it doesn’t elevate the show in any substantial way. I liked that Design Star had been a little different than every other reality competition, but now it’s blending in with the same format they all use. Pity.

Here are my thoughts on the HGTV Design Star Season 6 Premiere:

– Mark gave unintentional comedy gold as he boringly droned unto the camera how he has an, “aggressive passion towards edgier design.” Not only does it sound completely pretensions, but Mark looks like the complete opposite of aggressive. And why does his passion have to be aggressive? I mean, I was thinking about this tiny little moment for a while, to say the least.

– Leslie was on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I wouldn’t have had many thoughts on that except that I am guilty of watching two seasons of the DCC reality show and now know way too much about that world to have good thoughts towards Leslie. Which is a shame, because she’s relaxed and sweet. I’m sure I’ll come around to her. In fact, I think she’ll be my favorite. She’s not uptight, and she has a good eye.

– I’m not warming up to the bull-headed Cathy who seems to really be pushing the whole “I travel” thing as her defining design signature. Listen, I could say that I got inspiration for my drapes by traveling to a fancy McDonalds (this if false, fyi – I only go to Burger King), but you don’t see me boasting about it every five minutes. However, I did like the burnt velvet fabric that Cathy pulled for the great room. The warm tones of gold mixed with that lavender really appealed to me, probably because I’m such a girly girl. Leslie really lucked out with that cool coffee table, although I’m not sure what a bunch of reality TV show contestants need in terms of a storage space that can fit a body. Unless…no, I’ve said too much!

– Doug isn’t my favorite, but he did have a good idea for his room by using a wallpapered section and anchoring it with a large mirror. It’s not my taste, but it was creative.

– Karl and Kellie did a pretty good job on the bonus room. I wouldn’t say I loved it, but it was okay. Kellie seems annoying, and I expect to roll my eyes at her a lot.

– Blanche was eliminated in the end, and I think I would have liked to see her stay on a bit more. The problem is, she would have never won as she seemed very insincere whenever she talked.

So, that’s it for now. If you watched Design Star, let me know what your thoughts were on the premiere. Who do you think will be in the top 2? Come by next week for a review of episode 2, which will include the white box challenge!

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