Jersey Shore season 5 has not been one that’s endeared Deena Cortese to us. So Us Weekly decided it was a gaood time to share some facts about one of the “meatballs” in their recent issues.

Among the 25 trivia facts that Deena shares, she calls herself an “Energizer Bunny” who had learned to walk before she had turned one.

If you’re wondering what Deena is like now, she mentions she can’t go to bed without a TV being on, loving chicken and sauerkraut and the fact that she loses things all the time (she lost her drivers license six times.) Every January, Deena’s parents take her to the Caribbean.

If you’re wondering about what Deena used to do, she was a tap and jazz dancer, attended school to be a dental assistant, worked at Six Flags, played softball, and was a cheerleader.

Finally, here are three Deena Cortese facts which speak for themselves:

  • My first car was a 2001 black Saturn. I pimped it out with pink dice, blue underglow and Mardi Gras beads.
  • When I was little, I loved watching home videos of myself.
  • I hate fishy foods, but I love certain sushi — and Red Lobster!