If no one else is willing to say it, I damn well will: NBC’s Deception is good!

It’s is a show layered with intrigue and mysterious, intertwining back-stories.  There are exciting stories going on with this series. The least of which seems to be: who killed Vivian Bowers, and why? I mean, this family doesn’t even have a Butler…

Walking a fine line between gritty TV and a family soap opera… I find comparison to Revenge (ABC) and Scandal (ABC) both appropriate. But that’s not a bad thing. If anything, it was about time that NBC stepped up with a decent “rich people have had a murder!” series. And even moreso was it time to have a minority female in the lead role for a primetime series.

I think immersing myself into most of these character’s shoes is fun. I mean, there’s Joanna (Meagan Good) who gets to basically spy on the family her Mom used to work for, Mia (Ella Rae Peck) who’s a poor little rich girl at the center of a big secret, and Vivian (Bree Williamson)  may be deceased, but I’m hopeful for more flashbacks of this mysterious socialite with everything to lose.

Surprisingly, most Deception reviews I’ve looked at have been disappointed with the pilot and the next couple of episodes. As an incredibly picky critic, I’d say the pilot has ensured I’ll be watching the next episode. I think it has tons of promise, and I don’t want to miss a minute of it.

My biggest concern with Deception is wondering whether this murder will be enough to sustain the series past one season. We all know Veronica Mars season one was the biggest success there, ditto with The Killing. Though I’ve admittedly never seen enough of Twin Peaks to know if the Laura Palmer murder really paid off..

DECEPTION — “Pilot” Episode 101 — Pictured: Katherine LaNasa as Sofia Bowers — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC)

Misc. Deception Review Notes

  • If Wes Brown looks familiar, he played a handsome vet who wooed Rachel Bilson’s character on Hart of Dixie.
  • The Bowers house. Right? With all the ivy on it,and how you could walk on the roof? And there’s a pond? It’s ideal.
  • Ella Rae Peck is actually a great actress when not playing a crap role on Gossip Girl.
  • I’m glad there’s a minority lead on this primetime drama. That can’t be said enough.
  • Wherever Victor Garber is, quality is sure to follow. He’s my favorite Koala bear lookalike!

DECEPTION — “Pilot” — Pictured: Meagan Good as Joanna Padget Locasto — (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)

Photo Credit: ABC