What do you get your friend as a card for their birthday? Sometimes it’s hard to remember to get a card, or you know they’ll just throw it out right away because you have NO clue what to write that could be sentimental or funny. Well, rest assured that I’ve got you covered. Just print out one of these coupons using your friends favorite leading man or leading lady! You can customize it, or you can use the one I’ve made here (I invented, “The Loving Jellybeans” which I think will be a big hit!). This might be the perfect addition to a Christmas present for a friend this year. I can also see it as the present for the friend who has everything.

And I’ve also made a coupon for anyone who wants to own House’s soul. Just ’cause. And seriously, he really WASN’T using it! 😛 The Dean Winchester picture is from The CW, the Greg House picture is from Fox, and the coupons were made from the coupon generator.