bones tv series

David Boreanaz was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to discuss the season five finale of Bones. The past couple seasons of the show have not really intrigued me as much as the first did. While this season teased us about the couple, we finally seemed to have found a solid placeholder in the “will they – won’t they” never-ending saga that comes with the Bones/Booth relationship. But it seems things are just about to ramp back up. When Boreanaz told Fallon that the season five finale would be a TEARJERKER, he then added that it didn’t mean the two main characters wouldn’t lock lips. So what do you think? Is Bones going to re-evaluate her stance on Booth? Perhaps just in time for Booth to have fallen in love with someone new?

Boreanaz made mention of his wife a couple times, which made me cringe a bit in sympathy as most of us know he’s been dealing with the fact that he’s admitted to cheating. Sigh. Makes me just want to focus on happy things like Toy Story 3.

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