There are certain movies you own because it makes you feel suave to say, “Ah yes, I have that rare extended scene in my Godfather DVD Collection.” You own these types of movies, often,  just to have them. And it’s only occasionally you’ll bring them out.

But there is another sort of movie that has no wrong occasion. And that is “the golden comedy.”  Did you just have an epically bad date where the other person tried to lick up your nose? (I know – ew!) Having a girls night in? Want something on the TV in the background while you pretend to do taxes? Date Night is the sort of comedy that will always be appropriate. And I daresay, will always make you smile.

Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr Should Do a Movie Together

Half the argument for why Date Night is so great is because the two lead names,Tina Fey and Steve Carell, work together effortlessly.  (My one issue with the movie is that I felt the camaraderie vibe to be stronger than the implied married-couple intimacy.) We often love up on them for their flawless performances in 30 Rock and The Office, respectively. So why not put them together? Genius move.

Tina Fey and Steve Carell on Oprah

The movie has a million “it’s funny because it’s true,” moments, and shines because of the talent that Fey and Carell bring to the table. Add that to a premise that actually works (if you don’t know who’s blackmailing you – you can’t write-off anyone), some familiar supporting cast faces (James Franco, Mila Kunis, Kristin Wiig, Mark Ruffalo, Ray Liotta, Leighton Meester and Jimmi Simpson who you may remember we loved as a Rock Star on Party Down.) and the most enjoyable car chase scene I’ve ever seen – and you’ve got a movie that comes far closer to perfect than you’d expect.

Nerd Notes:

Similar to: The Hangover meets Thelma and Louise

Stand-out cast performance: There is no way to pick between Carell and Fey. Sophie’s choice!

Favorite character: Let’s give some “props” (do people still say this?) to William Fichtner as DA Frank Crenshaw. I  loved him in Prison Break.

What fictional TV character(s) would watch this: Jim and Pam from The Office would absolutely watch and love this movie. And maybe go, “Hmm, he looks a lot like Michael Scott…”

You’d might be surprised: The credits list Mark Wahlberg as having a dedicated wardrobe assistant, despite his character never even wearing a shirt.

Let’s Get Technical (technicaaaal):

The DVD menu is easy to navigate with “Play, Set Up, Scenes and Extras.”


  • Alt City (Fey and Carell improv on their scenes. Fey is really good at accents!)
  • Directing 301 (Shawn Levy is your professor. Even if you don’t care about the specifics of directing, the fun comic book format livens it up.)
  • Directing Off Camera (This is a featurette about calling out direction while film is rolling. It’s fun to see how the actors take this direction in the moment. This is where you’ll hear Levy call out that they should be “crazy tongue lizards.”)
  • Gag Reel (Tina Fey likes to sing the end of her messed-up lines, and loves Jon and Kate Plus 8. Carell actually uses the “that’s what she said” line made infamous from The Office!)
  • PSAs (By Fey and Carell)
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Sneak Peek
  • Digital Copy “How To”


Date Night  on DVD  is available to Pre-Order on Amazon.

Date Night on  Blu-Ray is also available for Pre-Order on Amazon.

Date Night Official Website

The Date Night DVD /Blu-ray release date is August 10, 2010.

Disclaimer: We received the movie to review.