This angelic cutie has a mind-blowing singing ability.

Danielle Bradbery

Danielle Bradbery

She still gets star-struck by Blake…isn’t that sweet?

My worry with Danielle is that she’s so young, people may say this isn’t her time.

Was her corseted style top too sexy? It didn’t show skin on the sides, but there was a sheer-ish panel on each side giving that impression… I liked it, but I worry older Mom-types might be clutching their pearls. Sigh.

Now, what can I say about Dannielle Bradbery that you don’t already know? She’s going to be in the top 3 for The Voice season 3…we just ALL know it. She’s a favorite, and with good reason.

“Holy crap.” – Shakira

Usher’s response, translated for you: I’m not excited about you, but I recognize that you have a great voice and you will be in this competition for a long time.


“I think you’re one of the one’s to beat. You are one of the best singers in the competition.” – Adam Levine

The song is “Maybe it was Memphis” by Pam Tillis.

Danielle Bradbery Maybe it was Memphis Video

Video is added quickly, as soon as NBC releases their high-quality option!

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