Is this the best picture they could get?

Is this the best picture they could get?

I cannot believe I’m watching Dancing with the Stars, but let’s get past that fact and go on to what I thought of the premiere episode. (Bruno Tonioli is my favorite judge, he reminds me of Martin Short‘s character in Father of the Bride.)

I’m not going to vote, I’m just going to judge them:

Chad and Cheryl – Their dance reminded me of that scene at the Grease prom with Cha Cha. Cheryl wanted to show us her underwaer. Chad did pretty good, but to be fair, he didn’t have to do too many moves. Still, I think he’s a contender. The grumpy judge, Len, said Chad was “the rough diamond”. They got 6/6/6/ for 18 out of 30. More importantly, 666?! That isn’t lucky. And not the second time I saw those numbers today. Fre-kay.

Shannon and MarkShannen Doherty says she’s doing this show for her Dad. Already trying to score brownie points with us?! SHE IS A MANIPULATOR. Why do you think the other actresses voted her off Charmed? I wonder if Alyssa Milano is watching tonight (and hoping she falls). I like Mark’s sense of humor, dancing with him would be fun. …Watching this show really does make me want to go ballroom dancing…dammit. As for how well Shannen did – she looked like she was trying very hard and too much in her mind. She will probably be voted off soon. They also got 6/6/6/!

Erin and Maks –  “My only pleasure in life is to bitch at people and you’re taking it away” he said, because Erin is so hard on herself. Erin’s dress was really ugly when she spun, it looked like a shredded pinata. At least Erin did look like she was having fun. The judges loved her. I don’t think I could handle being in the same room as her without wanting to punch her nose, though. They got 7/7/7.

Jake and Chelsie – Okay, some bachelor guy….yea, very much NOT a celebrity. Naturally they had to dance to “Kiss from a Rose”. Vomit. I hate this song. Jake seemed to be dancing for the audience and not connecting with Chelsie at all. I think people will vote for them because her dress was pink and pretty when it swirled around.

Niecy and Louis – She likes her jiggly parts and isn’t afraid to say it. Good for her! I loved her flirty gold dress. You could tell she is a performer and enjoys performing. And hell, she was good! Confidence always takes you the extra mile.

Part Two – it got exciting, at least! Dancing with the Stars