Who is the most annoying dancing pair on Dancing with the Stars? We’ll only be ranking the people still left on the show. That means five pairs are up for discussion.

kurt warner dancing with the stars

#5 Least Annoying Couple: Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya: This pair isn’t annoying at all. I started off not knowing who Kurt Warner was, and thinking I didn’t like Anna. Turns out I don’t need to know sports to think Kurt is a very respectable dude, and that Anna is an amazing dancer with a cute and spunky personality. Their odds of winning are not super high, because Kurt isn’t as graceful as some of the other dances. But I would want this pair in the top two.

Read on to see who is the #1 most annoying couple!

kyle massey dancing with the stars

#4 Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: Lacey seems to enjoy openly “abusing” (teasing would be a more fair word) Kyle and indicating that he’s a silly child who is beneath her. She seems rather…or, almost kind of bratty. Meanwhile, I still have no clue why Kyle is a star. Still, he’s very entertaining. Kyle and Lacey probably won’t win. Of course, who would have thought they’d come this far in the competition? People seem to really enjoy their dynamic (ironically, it’s their dynamic that annoys the hell out of others.)

jennifer grey dancing with the stars

#3 Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Grey complains constantly. While the complaints are warranted, I’m mad at her for taking it out on her body and not withdrawing from the show. I hope she isn’t doing any permanent damage to her body. The other issue is that this pair was put on such a high pedestal that they thought they were a shoe-in and started messing up while trying to be perfect. Grey was the best dancer at the beginning, but I’m not sure if she’s improved as much as other dancers have. Still, she’s a joy to dance. Their chances of winning are still high.

bristol palin dancing with the stars

#2 Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: A tiny issue that even the judges have pointed out is that Mark wants to be the star, sometimes taking moments to dance on his own. Bristol Palin is not a good dancer, yet she keeps surviving. This boggles the mind. Do people love an underdog? Well, there were plenty of people who didn’t dance well, and they were all cut while she is still here. This makes the show seem politically charged, as though Republicans want Bristol to win so Sarah Palin can be president. Bristol also gives little Beauty Pagent quotes whenever a microphone is in her face. On the up side, I do like that Bristol has a normal, healthy body and in that sense, is a good role model for young girls. Their chances of winning are probably not great.

brandy dancing with the stars

#1 Most Annoying Couple: Brandy and Maks: Maks is a huge, huge jerk and Brandy adapts to let him treat her like that. She also acts like a princess. She recently said, “Thank God I have a little bit of musicality.” Well, she’s a singer so of course she has musicality! She downplays everything about herself so people think she’s so much greater tan she is, to lower the bar. She’s good, but she has a step-up on some others.When the judges criticize, Maks always argues with them and acts arrogant. I find these to be the two most annoying people, and paired up together…they might actually win. Damn.