Romeo and Chelsie were at the bottom of the pile last week, so it was time to get serious on DWTS this week. “I want to show the judges that I deserve to be here,” Romeo said.  Meanwhile, Chelsie was stressing out about the choreography. Did she pull it together for last nights’ dance? They danced to the Britney Spears song “Hold it Against Me.” The outfit Chelsie wore seems like something Britney would wear, even. It all came together for a memorable dance.

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Using aggressive movements, and tapping into high energy, the pair earned the love of the crowd. But what did the judges say?

Len – “Last week I said to you ‘up your game’ and that’s just what you have done.” He called them fantastic.

Bruno – “You dance like ar real man out there. Strong, dark, handsome, convincing in leading the tango is very, very, very difficult… but you’ve done marvels.” He said it keeps getting better.

Carrie Ann – “Someone’s in it to win it. Boy, that was amazing. You were dancing like you really meant it. This partnership is so incredible. When you’re in it, I cannot take my eyes off of you.” She loved the sharp movements, and said it was one of their best routines, ever.

About his score, Romeo said he felt, “Grrrreat!”

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