This is a continuation of our Dancing with the Stars season 11 premiere review. We’ve had the lively first hour with Margaret Cho’s gold batwings, and the star-studded first part of the second hour with the amazing Florence Henderson both reviewed. The last part of this show featured Mike “The Situation” and Jennifer Grey.

Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower: I don’t like his music. There. I said it. I just don’t! It brings back horrible memories of sitting in a bus, going to school, being forced to listen to soft rock while I already KNEW I’d totally forgotten my lunch at home. Anyway, Bolton waltzed okay. Again, I think guys can waltz pretty easily. Well, easier than they can ChaCha. I just felt kind of bored by it. Especially an hour and a half into watching all this dancing.

Mike “The Situation” Sorentino and Karina Smirnoff: Okay, CONFESSION. I’m a fan of The Jersey Shore now. It’s so fun! He’s sometimes a jerk, but undeniably entertaining. He also has shown moments of being really sweet. Sadly, he didn’t get much time to prepare. I’m worried he’ll be booted off pretty fast, which is too bad. Luckily, I think his charisma will save him a bit. And he really looked like he was having fun on the dance floor. I never thought I’d be defending him, but whatever. Their song was “Break Your Heart” by Taoi Cruz. I think it’s hilarious they don’t call him anything but “The Situation.” Len noted that he was under-rehearsed. He also said, “You’ve got the guns, but not the ammunition.” And they flashed to a girl in the audience who  I THINK was DJ Pauly D’s little sister (known to me by watching way too much of The Jersey Shore.) we have confirmed was Mike’s sister.

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Who doesn’t love Dirty Dancing? Grey is looking GREAT these days! Hough made a, “are you ready to have the time of your life?” joke quickly. They showed their interview’s before the program and it was very moving to see Grey tearing up (then straight-out bawling) because she was remembering Patrick Swayze. It didn’t feel like an exploitation or forced – it was a genuine moment captured by cameras. They danced to “These Arms of Mine” which is a song that was also in Dirty Dancing. Grey gave a terrific performance – wow. Who knew she could still dance so well? I had no clue. It makes me want to break out the DD movie. She puts a lot of passion into her dancing, which I think makes her stand out amongst the other cast members. Also, her dress was my favorite of the night. It was simple and beautiful – perfect for twirling. Grey gave a wink towards the heavens as the judges talked to them. “Some things get better with age, and I definitely think you’re one of them,” said Carrie Ann. They flashed to Jamie Lee Curtis in the audience. They got 24/30 and the highest score of the night.

David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson: I’m not a fan of his. I can’t be. And I never will be. BOOOO. He seems like a jerk. What’s the term for a male diva? He seems like one of those. Sure, Hasselhoff can do cheesy. But can he really dance? If you saw this while you were out somewhere, you’d laugh at him. Partly because of his outfit, which including a black leather jacket and tight black sparkly shirt. Why are fans so into him? He’s old and the image of him in that video eating cheeseburgers on the floor while drunk is ingrained in my brain! Carrie Ann compared him to Jerry Springer and said he danced with his mouth more than his body. “It’s never too early to panic,” said Len.