This is part two of our Dancing with the Stars review for week 2 of season 11. We’re picking up with Jennifer Grey’s performance. I’m not sure who stood out more – sassy Jennifer Grey or energetic Kyle Massey!

You can read our DWTS review part 1 here.

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough:  I would have thought it would be impossible for her to do better than last week, but I think she did! You could tell she was having a blast. I’m pretty sure everyone knows she is going to be in the top three, if not win this entire season. The judges loved it.

Then there was booing and no one knew why. But then…could it be that then Sarah Palin was brought up to talk. Yikes. Her favorite dancer so far? She wouldn’t say.

Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel: Margaret was exhausted after the dance, and it was very well performed. Len said they did a proper jive, and had a lot of energy. Carrie Ann said she should watch her shoulders and not lead with them, and not do so many over-the-top facial expressions.

Then they showed Julie Benz who was in the audience, promoting No Ordinary Family. Sadly, it’s not a show I’m very interested in watching.

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: This pair has already grown on me. They’re adorable! Kyle had to work to be a little more serious in this dance. Watching this dance was REALLY fun. And Kyle had fast footwork! All the judges were smiling and there was a STANDING OVATION. Bruno said that Kyle does need more control for ballroom dancing. Carrie Ann continued to adore Kyle. Len was more critical, saying it lacked style and Kyle was flat footed…BUT, “I liked it.” Well, there you go!

Kurt Warner and Anna ICan’tSpellHerLastName: Carrie Ann said he was almost like a crazy uncle at a wedding. He made it look like it was easy. Len loved this dance, saying his kicks were just a little bit soft. Bruno said Kurt was a cool guy who did a cool jive. And he also noted that his hands are so large they’re the size of frying pans – haha. To be honest, I started to zone out with this dance, because it’s been SO much dancing.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Karina Smirnoff: I don’t know why, but I love The Situation. Tonight he was in a Navy (Air Force?) uniform and it was very sexy. I think he should have smiled a bit more, he’s better when he loosens up and has fun. Len was not a fan of the dance, sadly. “For a difficult dance, you did a good job,” he noted. Bruno said he could tell that Mike wanted to do well so badly, and focused so hard. Mike has to find the balance between trying too hard and being loose. Carrie Ann was glad there was no fist pumping.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: Bristol took Mark for a visit to Alaska. Sarah Palin is a big fan of Mark Ballas. But traveling took up lots of their rehearsal time! That doesn’t seem like a smart move. Bristol was wearing an ugly purple dress, that was okay from the waist up, although with the matching purple gloves she reminded me of this doll I used to have. Their song choice had the lyrics, “but mamma said, you can’t hurry love you just have to wait,” and I’m getting sick of this harping on the Mom connection with Bristol. Yes, she has a famous Mom. Ugh. Bruno said Bristol seems fresh and charming, but she needs to learn how to be an actress and be a character. Carrie Ann said she reminded her of Kelly Osborne. What do you think Mrs. Palin though of that comparison? Len said she was precise, but a little too careful.

Jennifer Grey made it to the top, and Michael Bolton is at the bottom. Who will you vote for?