The show started off with Bruno and Len discussing if Bruno was too hard on Michael Bolton. Len said he could critique harshly, but to include encouragement.

All three judges agreed that the encore they wanted to see was the Quickstep by Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer. And I agree, this is the one I wanted to see again!

Janelle Monae, who loved the live crowd, performed a lively rendition of Tightrope.

Then we got to see a clip of why people were booing last night, and we speculated they were booing Sarah Palin. It would seem people were booing the judges for only giving three 8’s.  We are told this is now to be referred as “Boo-Gate.” Uh, ooookay.

Seal performed “The Weight of my Mistakes.”

It can down to these celebs in the bottom: Mike :The Situation” Sorrentino, Michael Bolton and Brandy. Brandy was saved, and then The Situation was. It’s not a surprise that Michael Bolton went home because he wasn’t doing very well. And after he crawled out of a doghouse – what did he expect? He made a fool of himself.

Eliminated: Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightwoer

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