And another one bit the dust on the recent Dancing with the Stars results show. However, a more appropriate segue would be a pun about “heading for the hills.” Or, a bank account. Because what in the world is Audrina Patridge going to do NOW?

I was not a fan of Audrina’s in the episodes of The Hills that I did see (where she was wishy-washy and let that one guy walk all over her every season), nor was I a fan of her lifeless dancing on this show. Sure, I feel bad for her now that she’s been booted, because that can’t be a good feeling. But it’s more fulfilling to think about what she might do next.

Audrina Patridge was rumored to have been basically “cast” to be a friend to Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag on The Hills. To Patridge’s credit, I saw far too many episodes of this show, and it seems like she does/did always have jobs in the music industry. However,  just like any reality TV star looking to extend those fifteen glorious minutes, she’s probably hoping for more outlets to be famous in public. Which is why Dancing with the Stars was a logical step for her once The Hills ended and they didn’t want her on The City. (They have such inventive TV show names, I KNOW. I’m still waiting for shows like The Boondocks* and The Swamp.)

There are six celebrity dancers who remain: actors Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey, singer-actress Brandy, athletes Rick Fox and Kurt Warner, and teen activist Bristol Palin.

*It’s not JUST a “animated comedy series based on Aaron McGruder’s award-winning comic strip” OR  a phrase in the title of the amazing movie The Boondock Saints and its cringe-worthy sequel, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day – it’s a real sort of place, dammit!