The Dancing with the Stars 200th episode brought us yet another elimination! And it was a surprise to many people that the uninspiring Bristol Palin hung on another week, and athlete Rick Fox was banished from the ballroom.

Rick Fox’s T-shirt tomorrow should read: I went on Dancing with the Stars and all I got was the nickname “Jolly Green Giant.”

During the show, Rod Stewart ‘sang’ “I Get a Kick Out of You” while Taylor Swift fans Googled to figure out who he was. Then Taylor Swift was able to perform and all was right with the universe once again.

Because Dancing with the Stars is so proud to have hit its 200th episode, they gave out trophies. (It reminds me of The Dundies from The Office.) Marie Osmond won for Best Dramatic Moment as she once fainted while the judges talked to her. I’d Youtube it if I thought it was worth seeing, but it just seems sad.

Something that does make me chuckle is that the cast for Skating with the Stars was announced. The thing is, I really thought we already had that show. If you asked me if I’d seen it before, I would have nodded vaguely and recalled some flurry of spastic dancing interrupted by falls on the ice. Maybe I’m just recalling my childhood? Edit: I wasn’t paying close enough attention, they weren’t announcing it as a new show, just a new cast.

Anyway, here is the upcoming cast of Skating with the Stars:

*Real housewife Bethenny Frankel

*Olympic skater Jonny Moseley

*”All My Children’s” Rebecca Budig

*Disney Channel star Brandon Mychal Smith

*Actress/Mess Sean Young

*Motley Crue front man Vince Neil