She may be the weakest dancer, but Bristol Palin was not eliminated last night on DWTS.

brandy dwts

The Alaskan underdog of Dancing with the Stars season 11 has made it into the finals. That’s right, Miss Bristol Palin will be in the finals with her chiseled dancing partner Mark Ballas. But how many of you guys are actually cheering for her?

Who took the eliminated hit? Brandy and Maks. Skilled and passionate, Brandy could dance well. This came down to popularity more than the judges votes.

In fact, as the results broke the ballroom went a little nuts. The judges were straight-out flabbergasted, especially Bruno. It was hard to conceal  shock that Bristol wasn’t ousted when Brandy was clearly a better dancer.

As Brandy dd shed a tear and was unable to form sentences, it was Maks who spoke to the camera and tried to be diplomatic. “People vote, and their voices count, and I love that the show represents that,” Maks said coldly. “I don’t regret a second about being on this season.” Perhaps he should regret a few, though (see: spanking his partner, taped mouths, talking back to Carrie Ann, his lack of sincerity…) While Maks may not have won fans over (he may have actually hurt his partner’s chances) it’s sad to see Brandy be eliminated so close to the big finale.