On Dancing with the Stars season 12, last night, Ralph Macchio gave us a paso dobe to the guilty pleasure song” Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now.)” Macchio’s coat slipped Karina up during their dance, but they  recovered expertly.

Playing a matador, Macchio was working on sexy arms and even taught his partner the “wax on, wax off” moment so famous from The Karate Kid.  This moment would have felt forced and ridiculous from most people, but Macchio is so humble and personable that it’s hard not to find him endearing.

ralph macchio dancing with the stars

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What did the judges think of Ralph’s dancing on DWTS? They didn’t say much about his dancing or technique, but they praised the pair for getting up after a fall.

Len –  He congratulated the pair for getting right back into the dance after their fall, and he is proud of them.

Bruno – “I started to feel the fire.” He called it furious intensity and is encouraged by their dancing.

Carrie Ann – She praised them for getting right back up after the fall. And she said the rest of the dance was even more amazing.

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