Giving every media outlet something silly to talk about for at least a week, Kirstie Alley fell on Dancing with the Stars tonight. But let’s rewind to the facts – as Kirstie and Maks danced to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” his thigh gave out and she tumbled to the floor with him.

In terms of DWTS, this is the worst thing that could happen right up with a heel breaking or forgetting your steps. Do you think it was really Maks fault? He kept wincing, so it seems believable that it was really his, and only his, fault. But you’re not alone if your first instinct is to think the more inexperienced dancer tripped.

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What did the judges think? Max’s thigh gave out, but the judges didn’t care – they loved the dance.

Len – “Dancing is a bit like life, it’s about overcoming adversities.”

Bruno – “You can’t keep good talent down. Once you got up it was better than ever.”

Carrie Ann – “Sometimes tragedy leads to amazingly beautiful moments.”

Total – 21/30

What did you think of  Kirstie and Maks? Kirstie wanted higher scores, do you think she deserved them?

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