Kirstie Alley wants to be the front runner of Dancing with the Stars. But can she do it? This week, American Week, she had the Foxtrot to conquer. “From here on out- it needs to be excellence,” Kirstie exclaimed. To be excellent, she brought in the dance doctor aka John Travolta. He suggested Kirstie wear less fancy shoes, and that Maks and Kirstie get romantic!

Why they let Kirstie wear a headband and hideous and raggedy blue mumu, I’ll never know. No one ever consults me when they should.

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What did the judges think of Kirstie’s dance?

Len –  “There were lots of basic steps which I like to see… but it wasn’t my cup of tea.” If she’s looking for excellence, there wasn’t a ton in it.

Bruno – “I didn’t know you were so dirty!”

Carrie Ann – Said it was borderline crazy, and it was bold. “I think it was magical. I think it was your best dance ever.”

Total – 23/30

I secretly adore Kirstie, but she looked so unsure in most of her steps that it was uncomfortable for me to watch. Still, I can’t help but cheer her on. Even with the pelvic thrusts of flying sparks.

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