Last night on Dancing with the Stars, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey did outstandingly, while Bristol Palin failed to impress the judges once again. But how did the fans vote?

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The show began by reminding us who our three finalists are, not that anyone could forget our three dancing stars. The Tom Bergeron voiceover seemed very oddly worded as he said: “And in that instance, the champion will realize that what they did, was indeed, enough.” Enough? They all worked their asses off, and you’re only willing to say they’ve done ENOUGH? This made me worried that the producers knew the winner was Bristol Palin (who hasn’t done much, but maybe “enough.”)

We got to see former contestants and their partners return, which was certainly fun, if not exceedingly cheesy. (Michael Bolton and Audrina Patridge were busy/sick.)  And – holy crap – Brooke Burke had looked so tasteful last night that she decided to wear a dress that had a giant hole in its side. Oh, boy. Does anyone else get major diva vibes from her? It’s like, “Who cares, look at ME and how thin I am, my dress has a HOLE in it! Isn’t that edgy and sexy? There are rhinestones around the hole, just in case you didn’t notice it!”

Bristol Palin had an interesting quote for the cameras: “Winning this would mean a lot. It’d be like a big middle finger to everyone who hates my Mom and hates me.” (The quote happened quickly, so please correct me if the words are different. Consider this a close paraphrase.) She also said the voters would decide, seeming not to care what the judges think anymore. If I were her, I guess I wouldn’t need to care what the judges said either.

We then got a very simple detailed explanation of how the Dancing with the Stars voting works. Gee, wonder why they decided to mention that.

Jennifer Grey had to go to the hospital after the last show because she’d ruptured a disc. But she did decide to dance tonight. Smartest choice? Probably not for her body. But maybe she really wants a mirror ball.

Christina Aguilera performed “Give it Up for Burlesque.”

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: (Tango) Kyle had suggested two dances (their waltz and their quickstep) that Lacey didn’t favor. I would have loved to see their quickstep again. Instead, we got their Rock Show Tango. Lacey had the same dress as before, which looks like a very long version of cool-lots sewn by gypsy’s (and I’m not even going to mention the black feathered shoulder pads and crystal-embellished corset.) Bruno praised the dance, saying Kyle has a great attitude for this business. Carrie Ann said it showed Kyle’s strength and fluidity. Score: 26

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Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: (Tango) They also picked their Rock Week dance, which was a tango. They were docked a point last time for breaking hold to play air guitar, but Bristol pushed for it again. I loved seeing Kyle Massey cheering loudly at the end of the performance, that boy has class. Bruno says this was the dress that showed us “Bristol the fighter.” Len said Kyle has the “wow” but Brisol has the “how.” Score: 25

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: (Viennese Waltz) The V. Waltz was their first dance, and possibly my favorite dance of theirs. There was a small stumble in the dance – ouch! This made her teary, but the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Carrie Ann said there was a new wisdom in Grey’s body this time. Len said Jen was the complete package. Bruno said the quality of movement, artistry and musicality were all in her favor. Score: 30

Next, it was time for the Cha cha! They didn’t know what song it would be until just that moment – Raise your Glass by Pink. This was the second time they’ve done the Instant Dance shtick on DWTS. It went very well the first time.

There was a Baywatch skit here with David Hasselhoff, complete with Baywatch dancers and The Hoff singing.  For people who wanted to see Baywatch: The Musical, this was a dream come true.

Kurt Warner and Rick Fox danced to Eye of the Tiger. Their partners were in matching sportswear for what I suppose are their teams. I spied Eliza Dushku, I hope someone asks her what she thinks of this new Buffy movie without Joss Whedon!

Next up were Margaret Cho and Florence Henderson dancing to Copacabana.

Mike “The Situation” did a skit where he was a governor. Then it was time to learn that he was too sexy for his shirt.

Brandy and Maks did their quickstep, not willing to make fools of themselves. Of course, if they realized how dumb the first part of this dance was… ahem.

When our main three did their cha cha’s, the judges thought Bristol had danced her best there. But they loved them all, yadda, yadda.

Kyle and Lacey: 28

Jennifer and Derek: 28

Bristol and Mark: 27

These votes had to be combined with the earlier votes and the fan votes from last night.

The couple in third place was Bristol and Mark, as it should be.

Kyle and Lacey came in second.

Jennifer and Derek came in first! They are the winners of Dancing with the Stars season 11. Congratulations, Jennifer!