I heard Buzz is excellent at the Cha Cha.

I heard Buzz is excellent at the Cha Cha.

The new people for DANCING WITH THE STARS have been released. I’d call them celebrities, but we know better than that, right?

1. Pamela Anderson – from that show where women ran in swimsuits aka Baywatch. She still has big breasts, so she has marginal fame. Every year they sag, and every year she wears a little less clothing. This is not going well for the American public at large.
2. Chad Ochocinco – from the Cincinnati Bengals aka athletic but boring.
3. Aiden Turner – from All My Children aka who cares.
4. Erin Andrews – ESPN sportscaster aka boring except for being naked on the internet, which is gross.
5. Shannen Doherty – from Beverly Hill 90210 and Charmed aka AHAHAHAHAAHAH. FALL, FALL, FALL!
6. Buzz Aldrin – Astronaut aka I thought this was the toy from Toy Story, what was his name? Or IS this one in the same? ;p Where is WOODY!?
7. Niecy Nash – from Reno 911 aka I think she’s funny!
8. Nicole Scherzinger – from the Pussycat Dolls aka obviously this is unfair, she is paid to dance in very little clothing ALREADY.
9. Evan Lysacek – Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion aka I am so bored of the Olympics.
10. Kate Gosselin – Reality TV Star aka shave her head, SHE IS SO ANNOYING.
11. Jake Pavelka – The Bachelor aka no one cares unless he’s a rich cow farmer who is related to Thomas Jefferson.

Dancing with the Stars premieres on March 22 on ABC. Mocking Dancing with the Stars starts NOW.

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