We have a brand new cast, which means all sorts of brand new relationships and plenty of fun. Last night, we had lots of passion-filled Latin dancing.

dancing with the stars 2014

The 5 Can’t Miss Moments from Dancing with the Stars last night

It’s often funny to hear people talk, in real life, like they’re on Twitter. I’m speaking of hashtags, of course. And Elizbeth Berkley Lauren gave us, #thrustit.” So, yea. That’s all we need. Someone, it makes me gigle every time.

Vampiric Dancing
Who wouldn’t give “Applause” for Christina Milian and Mark Ballast with their gothic king/queen Paso Doble?! “I’m sure Lady Gaga would approve, and so do I,” said Bruno. Filled with energy, I really appreciated what a performer Milian is. She was a bit hesitant in the first week, but this time she nailed it. It’s it crazy what confidence can do? Milian explained that the words of “I’m better than I think I am” were running in her head all week. And the results were batslamming amazing.

peta-and-brant-2 PETA MURGATROYD

Snooks Makes Faces
“I did the face, right?” Snooki asked on DWTS 2013 last night. She’s such a fun character for the show, and full of sass. After she finished her dance with Sasha, Tom Bergeron talked with her. “I just feel like I was in the moment… I feel like I was a little emotional…I did the face, right?” She then demonstrated her soft face as she extended her arms.

The Alien Worshipers are Angry
Leah Remini shared with us that the Church of Scientology is one of her haters. She said to her partner, Tony, “The church is waiting for me to fail so they can say to their parishioner’s, see, this is what happens when you leave the church.”

Bill, Bill, Bill!
Bill Nye talked about Len Goodman’s harsh comments to him last week. As Len he said, “Hey Bill, it’s national Television. You suck!” In general, everything Bill Nye is doing is inherently golden. Plus, it was so fun to see that members of of Mensa were there in the audience to support Nye!

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