Are you guys not Family Matters fans?

As you may very well know, Twitter has been erupting with responses to the Dancing with the Stars cast for 2012. And there are some strong, negative opinions.

dancing with the stars 2012

One fan tweeted, “#DWTS Why can’t ABC pony up more incentives for REAL stars to sign up? Like pay them more money. It’s not like ABC/Disney is short of a $.”

DANCING WITH THE STARS 2012 Cast List and How You Know Them

“Just pretty much covered the new cast of #DWTS in a 10 sec intro…That’s how many stars there is,” said Paul Varga.

People seem to be excited about Jaleel White, since so many people remember him as Urkel on Family Matters. And hey, it is the era of the nerd now. (Of course, he was more of a dork.) Younger viewers are meant to be content with Gavin DeGraw (who had some hits only a few years back) and token hot girls Maria Menounos and Katherine Jenkins. The young Disney component for this round is Roshon Fegan. (People end up cheering the younger Disney kids on no matter what.)

The cast list doesn’t include any sort of current TV star the way previous seasons have incorporated Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Chaz, Bono or Kim Kardashian.

“It would be a dream come true if Urkel wins “Dancing With The Stars” this year. #dwts” wrote one happy fan.

What do you think of the DWTS 12 cast?