Remember 1988? Maria Menounos does! This was her most memorable year. With any spare quarter, she would put “Material Girl” on the jukebox while she was at work with her parents. That’s why she wanted to dance the Rumba to this song. But did it pay off?

The costume: A greek goddess-esque white chiffon number where the skirt was so sheer it was hardly there. But it was pretty and fluid as she danced.
Costume grade: 7/10
Song: Material Girl

The judges were, as you can imagine, wild about this dance. It was emotional and sexy. And this is only week 3! Bruno stared at Maria and said, “I felt it.” After calling her Aphrodite, he added, “My hat to you, my darling.” Carrie Ann called the dance, “breathtaking.” Maria and Derek rocked this dance by keeping it beautiful, sensual and elegant.