Waltzing her way to the top was Katherine Jenkins with her partner Mark Ballas.

In 1996, Katherine Jenkins was fifteen and learned her Father had lung cancer. This was the most memorable year of her life. In front of the camera, she broke down crying about it. But she was glad she got to say goodbye to him. The song she picked was “To Where You Are” by Josh Groban.

The costume: A white, flowy gown. Katherine makes everything look beautiful, but this dress was too close towards being tacky for my liking.
Costume grade: 4/10
Song: To Where You Are

Her dance was incredibly moving. Immediately after dancing, Katherine broke into tears. Even Carrie Ann was crying. “That was magic. And it was almost like you had two partners.” Len said there was elegance and grace in her dance. Bruno only had one word for her – “Sensational!”