This vulnerable singer wants to get confident! Maybe a sexy partner will help.

The costume: He wore a black/gray suit with fedora. She wore a dress that … was actually large pants? The top was unusual (not in a great way) and looked like her cleavage was hidden by a bedazzled jail cell.
Costume grade: 7/10 for Gavin. 2/10 for Karina
Song: “I Run to You” (Lady Antebellum)

Len said they did well with a difficult dance (foxtrot), and the routine flowed. But he said it wasn’t as romantic as it should be. Bruno thought the song was interrupted well, but was a bit stiff. “I stiffen up at the wrong times,” Gavin joked. Carrie Ann also liked the tenderness, and thought there was good flow between movements. Score: 20/30