The race is always close for the coveted (and oh-so-shiny mirror ball trophy) on Dancing with the Stars. Season 12 is no different, and we’re left with three tough competitors: Kirstie Alley, Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward Let’s examine their strengths and weaknesses so we can see if our evaluating skills are up to par.

Kirstie Alley:

Tagline: The Comeback Crown Winner
Partner: Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Best Known for: Cheers, Fat Actress
Pro’s: The crowd loves her because she was undeniably the most famous person on Dancing with the Stars season 12, and she’s relatable to all the housewives who watch from home. The judges praise her for her acting ability, and the way she can transform into a character. But that’s what she’s famous for….so, yea.
Con’s: Where do we begin? She’s not a good dancer.

Wait! We have two more contenders in the ring!

Chelsea Kane

Tagline: Another Disney Person
Best Known for: Disney stuff, something with a Jonas Brother?
Partner: Mark Ballas
Pro’s: She’s the best technical dancer left on the show. Plus, her petite figure and gobs of energy both work in her favor. She’ll definitely score the youth vote.
Con’s: The youth might not be the majority of the viewers. She also needs to work on being expressive and emoting during her dances.

Hines Ward

Tagline: Mr. Charisma
Best Known for: Football
Partner: Kym Johnson
Pro’s: People love this charismatic guy. He has a natural sensuality that works well with most dances, and it doesn’t hurt that he has chemistry with Johnson.
Con’s: He could stand to show more dance improvement, or at least tightening up his technique. Show us something new – just don’t get Johnson hurt again in the process!

So there’s my run-down. What do you think? Who would you vote for – assuming you’re as lazy as I am, and never actually vote-?