On Dancing with the Stars last night, it was time to gloat about being the most watch show in America last week. And then it was time for dancing! Our dancers were coached by world champions, and got to compete in teams.  They were coached by Marks’ Mom, the serious Shirley Ballas. The trouble Kane had was smiling too much. We later learned that Kane thought Shirley was like a “scary 3rd grade teacher.”

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For her individual dance, Chelsea danced the Paso Doble. To harness some angry energy, she grit her teeth and wore dark lipstick. She still didn’t seem to be settling into the role the Paso needed, for me.

What did the judges think of Chelsea’s dramatic dancing on DWTS? Two of the judges liked it, two of them wanted it to be better. Can’t we just all agree that Mark Ballas’s Mom would scare us all?

Len – “To be honest, I get confused …” He liked some things, but thought she had too much agression in her dance. It lacked refinement for him.

Bruno – He called her a ballbreaker, and said she had almost violent intensity. “It was like a Quentin Tarantino Paso Doble!”

Carrie Ann – She loved the creativity and boundaries that were pushed here.

Donnie Burns (Guest Judge) – He thought Chelsea did the best number last week, but he was confused like Len. He felt she was a little too Hells Angels than a matador.

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