Usually the slower dances on DWTS make me look away and think about how unhealthy my dinner was. But even with last night’s uber cheesy beach projection, the waltz that Chelsea and Mark gave us was pretty captivating. About that emotional waltz that Chelsea was going to perform last night, she said, “I’m going to show people my romantic side, and prove to them that I’m worthy of a spot in the final four.”

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What did the judges think of Chelsea’s romantic and semi-contemporary dancing with Mark (who swears he just wants to be the frame for Chels’ art – and much as I adore him, that’s a crock) on DWTS 2011? She earned two 10’s! They really were impressed. Let’s take a closer look.

Len – “This is not a criticism, it’s just an observation…I think occasionally you put too much emphasis on the story and not the dance… Having said that, it was very musical.” He liked it, overall.

Bruno – “Finally you found the perfect setting for Chelsea to shine like a precious jewelry. That was dancing of the highest quality. Fabulous.”

Carrie Ann – “I think tonight something very different happened…. you earned perfection tonight.”

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