It was American Night on DANCING WITH THE STARS.  Host Tom Bergeron was able to make a “stars – and stripes” joke, but the real joke was some of these costumes. I know they’re often pretty hideous. But a few really made me give a doubletake. However, Kendra Wilkinson looked like a pretty pin-up girl for her dance. For the intro video, we learned that her ego was bruised last week when Carrie Ann said Kendra hadn’t really harnessed any elegance. (“It’s almost like you’re afraid of elegance.”) Kendra went as far as to say that comment made her feel like trash. Ouch. “For me, elegance is fake. It’s so fake for me.”

But Louis talked to her, and she realized she just lacks confidence. (This is often the answer.) Kendra was ready to take on a Foxtrot this week. And this was the landmark 1,000th competitive dance on DWTS.

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What did the judges think of Kendra’s dance?

Len –  Gasp. I missed it, what did he say?

Bruno – “I can still see your thought… be in it, in the moment.”

Carrie Ann – “This is the most confident I’ve ever seen you … you’re a fighter!”

Total – 22/30

Kendra didn’t do so bad in this dance. Her footwork was solid.

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