Tonight on DWTS, Ralph Macchio was still struggling with his knee pain. He had to prep for a salsa, cha cha cha, and Argentine Tango. That’s a whole lot of dancing, guys. “I’ve got to dance as though my life depends on it,” he said.Well, the mirror ball trophy depends on it, at least. Although is that really such a lofty goal? Eh. To help meet this goal, he wore booty-boosting pants!

During the Argentine Tango, I thought his movements were not looking as confident and sharp as they could be. But I still very much enjoy watching this Karate Kid dance.  So did the crowd, who leapt to their feet after the dance. Whether it’s how nice he looks in a suit, or 80’s nostalgia, the people love him.

ralph macchio dancing with the stars

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What did the judges think, though? Well, Len was easiest on Ralph, for once.

Len – “It lacked a bit of emotion throughout the dance…it didn’t realy smolder. Having said that…I liked the set-up, I thought it was sharp and precise… I thought you did a really good job. Well done.”

Bruno – “Something was happening when you were stroking your lamp post.” … “I still haven’t seen the Latin lover… It was too flat in interpretation…”

Carrie Ann – “I’m glad that you’re dancing better again, you seem to be not so much in pain. But I’m going to have to agree with Bruno. You have got to get the emotion that’s in your face all the way down to your feet.”

“We’re looking forward to next week..if we have the opportunity,” Ralph said. With 25/30 they might pull through to be the Dancing with the Stars 2011 winners. But they still want your votes. And I want some popcorn.

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