It was classical week on Dancing with the Stars. For the Paso, technique and aggressive behavior are important. Sadly, Petra Nemcova has a hard time harnessing her aggression. But she practiced some fierce modeling poses and told us that, “The nice Petra? Is Gone!” Did it look like that on the dance floor? Let’s find out.

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What did the judges think?

Len –  He would have liked more authority in her feet and legs. But he was very impressed. His expectations were too low. The dance was a little bit brittle.

Bruno –  “It’s not Petra, it’s Carmen, the femme fatale!”

Carrie Ann –  “You are on a roll!” She thought her confidence had shone through. She thought she needed more core strength, but also thought her lines were strong.

Total – 23/30

Honestly, I thought it was a tough dance to do and she did well – but she didn’t dance it quite strong enough. But it’s understandable that you wouldn’t feel entirely confident and able to be aggressive with such a new dance -or ballroom dancing at all.

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