Who danced beautifully and who just looked beautiful?

dancing with the stars 2012


Roshon and Chelsie – She looked like a princess and he was a prince. They danced to “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Chelsie used a cute dog-in-a-purse prop. Their quickstep had swagger. Roshon even made Len Goodman smile! “It was young, it was fresh, and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” Goodman added.

Katherine and Mark – Click to Small Screen Scoop to read full comments as they have a full post of their own!

Sherri and Val – They jived to “Proud Mary”! She wore that iconic fringe style of dress. And as she danced she mouthed the words and gave big smiles. You can’t stop her energy of showmanship. And you think that means her footwork wasn’t right? It was really impressive. Give this lady the win! Bruno was loudly cheering her on before he was even scheduled to talk. “I loved it,” he roared. “Sherri Shepard, I am in love with you,” Carrie said before she almost said “f*#king.”

Maria and Derek – They improved over last week. Click to Small Screen Scoop to read full piece on them.

William and Cheryl – Carrie Ann loved his technique and said he was the Harry Connick Jr. of the ballroom. Len wanted cleaner footwork. But the fans win this round, and they booed right over him.


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Gladys and Tristan – Everyone loved Gladys Knight last week on DWTS 2012. They were tasked with the quickstep. She looked uncertain here sometimes, but her smile really saved her in those other moments. “I’m having fun,” she exclaimed. Bruno loved her connection with the music. He did warn her to be careful about her frame, however. Even though we loved her, Len gave her a 5 which is a pretty bad score!

Gavin and Karina – They didn’t do so well. Click to Small Screen Scoop, you know the deal!

Melissa and Maks – She dated Billy Idol and now she’s dancing to him. They did a quickstep that was a bit more slow than it probably should have been. It was a miracle to see how fast she could go down those steps, however.

Martina and Tony – Martina wore a fishnet cape over a sparkling bra, and fringe pants.