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Dance Moms Season 4, Episode 7, TV Recap “Big Trouble in the Big Apple”

‘Dance Moms’ Season 4, Episode: 7
“Big Trouble in the Big Apple”

Original Airdate: February 11, 2014 With her final open casting call in NY, Abby announces that she’s putting together an entirely new all-star, junior elite team to rival her own girls. The Abby Lee Dance Company has two competitions this week and Paige has more dances than ever. Abby will do anything to win and makes a bold decision, leading to a clash with Dance Mom Kelly.

Abby is mad, even though they won with their group dance  But she has a solution. She’s not going to bring in just one dancer. She’s bringing in all new dancers for an entirely new team that will challenge the original team.

VOTE: Who is to blame in the ‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller and Kelly Hyland fight

Jill says it is the beginning of the end. WOE.

The only one getting praise is Maddie Zieglar. And for the new team, Maddie is the only one who might transfer. Because of this, the Mother’s are furious at being threatened.

There’s no time to waste. There’s dancing to do at ‘Sheer Talent’ in New York. And an open call casting. Abby wants to leave NYC with a WIN.

Paige has been tasked with too many dances, but … don’t  question it.

The New York open call is full of cheering people, almost like they don’t realize how emotionally abusive and manipulative Abby Lee Miller is. And how can any of their parents have seen ‘Dance Moms’ and volunteer their kids for said abuse. Nasty!

The girls are crying, and saying they’re scared about being so replaceable. They are going to be in SO MUCH THERAPY. It’s disgusting to me. I couldn’t even tell you why I watch this, other than I’m familar with this kind of competition dance world, and have not ever seen anything to this level of horrible. It’s a car wreck, and I just want it to all be staged.

“I’ve been wanting to build a team of Maddie’s for years, and now – I’m gonna do it.” – Abby

During the casting call, as a girl is eliminated, one of the random Mother’s starts insulting Paige, saying she can’t do as well as her daughter. … It’s gross behavior.

Abby raises her hands, inviting the girls to hug her. And they rush to her, because they only know to try and please her.

The way Abby berates these dancers before they dance, it’s a wonder they can perform well at all. DO OLYMPIC COACHES EVEN ACT SO MEAN?

Paige has a contemporary solo… and Abby tells us that, “Paige is always a disappointment to me.” GEEZ.

Next is Brooke’s acrobatic solo. The dance has lyrics about a purple sequin, and looks painful to dance. Abby is mad because there was no energy and Brooke is the mayor of “boringtown USA.”

Because Brooke and Paige did so badly, Abby decides to leave and go work with the other girls as their duet. Melissa asks if they can not enter the competition against the girls, but Abby says what is most important is that SHE gets a big win.

The lyrical duet with one of these new girls (and Maddie) makes Abby smile.  Meanwhile, Chloe and Paige still have their contemporary duet.

Melissa and Kelli get into it, because Maddie lied to Chloe. Melissa claims that Abby didn’t tell her that it was going to happen.

Abby says that Kalani is part of the team.

Kelly is upset, and says she’s no longer interested in dancing.

Abby talks to Brooke. Kelli talks to Abby. Kira (Kalani’s Mom) starts messing with Kelli (clearly ready for drama.) Abby starts screaming and pointing at Kelli. So Kelly points back. And as Abby gets into her face, Kelli slaps her face and pulls her hair. Abby immediately puts her hands behind her back, and you can see she’s ready to say she wasn’t instigating. She also says to call the police.  The girls are called out of the room. The police are called.

“Hi, my name is Abby Lee Miller and a woman just pulled my hair and scratched my face. I know the woman, and I want to file a report.” – Abby

“A 500 pound hog pretending to eat me.” – Kelli

And Abby starts alerting the police that Kelli is leaving.  Abby doesn’t care about getting the situation put to rest, she just wants Kelli to be embarrassed right then. The police ask Abby if she wants an ambulance. But she does not.

Though I would think all of the Mother’s should pull their daughter’s from a team where this stuff happens because Abby is so aggressive, they all just act shocked and silent. And, the girls STILL have to compete. WHAT.

Abby re-blocks the number, and holds an ice pack against her hair.

Paige wins 5th place for her solo.

Brooke’s solo wins 4th place.

Paige and Chloe win 2nd place for pre-teen duo duo.

And Maddie and Kalani win 1st place for pre-teen duo.

For the group aware, the main girls DO get first place.


“All I have to say is that everyone’s replaceable.” – Abby

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