DAMAGES: Glenn Close in DAMAGES CR: Craig Blankenhorn / FX

Glenn Close in DAMAGES CR: Craig Blankenhorn / FX

A new episode of Damages airs tonight – Monday 29th, at 10 pm EST. I’ve gotten to view this episode already so I’m here to tease you with some spoilers. (Oooh, I’m so cruel.)

The victims of the Tobin fraud are antsy at this point, and they want money (money, money, money, mooooney). Of course, the way the “system” works means that either they get the small amount now, or they wait for what possibly is more. The system sucks. Patty is determined to stay on the case. I believe she doesn’t care about finding the money for the victims so much as being able to be victorious. In this way she’s like Dr. House on House M.D. But when it comes to the Tobin case, it’s Tom that has a personal investment so he’s smelling like eau de desperation.

More light is shed on Ellen’s relationship with her sister, but  Ellen is having serious work problems. Could this be because it’s starting to look typical when you see Ellen/Tom/Patty hanging out like an integrated team? Which side is Ellen Parsons really on? She will explain this to someone in the episode. Someone says to her, “I’m sorry for your sister, and for you.” (Ouch!) The reason he’s sorry for Ellen is very important because her decisions are shaping her.

Tom has to talk with his wife about money, and he lets her know he’s already sold their lake house. His wife comes across as the shrill with an “omg, what!” character template, but there’s more to that scene under the surface. At first I was truly annoyed at his wife for being so angry that her stuff is being taken away. But then I realized Tom has padded her with protection like he thought he had to, and then suddenly shocked her with the cold reality – acting like she should have known how bad the situation was.

If you aren’t watching Damages yet, start now. It’s a compelling hour of TV that feels like a movie experience week after week.

Official episode synopsis
: Patty’s clients want her removed from the Tobin case; Tom deeds put Ellen’s employment with the D.A. in danger.