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The DAMAGES episode “It’s Not My Birthday” starts out with a dream sequence from Patty’s head. Later I connected some dots between this dream and the line in the official episode synopsis that says “A job candidate at Hewes & Shayes asks Ellen for insight into Patty.” I think that dreams in general, and on TV shows, are fascinating. Symbolism is a curious thing, ain’t it?

The Tobin family deals with the aftermath of losing their Dad. What happened is sad, but I kept finding Joe’s sister annoying throughout this entire episode.

damages its not my birthday

DAMAGES: Lily Tomlin on DAMAGES airing Monday's (10 pm e/p) on FX. CR: Craig Blankenhorn / FX

On the Danielle front, Patty and the D.A. both want access to her first. I found that the story really rolled into high-gear for her in this episode. I couldn’t believe ___ ___ _ ________! And then ___ ___ ______ by someone I didn’t expect! 😉 Needless to say, don’t miss this episode, guys.

Something I loved was that we see virtually the same (slightly-extended) clip of the Thanksgiving flashback where Louis Tobin was asking for his pills, but we see it from another perspective.

DAMAGES “It’s Not My Birthday” airs on FX on February 22nd.