damages martin short

While my favorite moment of “Flight’s At 11:08” was less of a plot point and more of a visual cue, I also had a WTF moment during this episode of Damages. The moment that I loved was seeing Danielle in the back of the car, in what you could believe was peaceful sleep. Now, we know she was in pain and unconscious –  so that takes away some all of the sweetness. But I have very fond memories of riding in the backs of cars when I was little, and there was nothing I loved more than the sensation that things were going on around me (cars, lights, etc) and I just got to rest and think.

My WTF moment of Damages came when Martin Short‘s character realizes that he’s been followed by Patty Hewes. Though he tried to play it off, I’m sure his pride hurt to know how dumb he’d played it. If you’re the lawyer for the Tobin’s, and you’ve got that entire situation going on – how does it NOT seem like a trap when Patty calls you in and she doesn’t have anything solid? If I was in his position I’d be super aware of every car behind me, and expect that I was always being followed. In fact, I think someone is outside of my window right now! I’m going out there with a bat.

P.S. Yes, I think Conspiracy Theory is one of the greatest movies in the world, why do you ask?