glenn close

Tonight Patty Hewes gets her hands on Louis Tobin! A new episode of DAMAGES airs on FX @ 10 p.m. ET/PT. The episode is called “Don’t Throw That at the Chicken”, and I hope it’s okay to laugh at the title – because I really did. We haven’t heard the last from Danielle Marquetti (cannot verify her name online – how big is this internet thing?!), that’s for sure. And I also realized she was on Gilmore Girls, so now I can FINALLY stop wondering why she looks so familiar to me.

If you were wondering when Future!Patty will learn Tom is dead, and how she’ll react – this episode miiiiight answer it. And the last moment of the flash forward will have you go “I KNEW IT”. Unless you didn’t know it. And really, we don’t know anything for sure. Well, we do know that there are always secrets floating around like the dust bunnies under my sink.

This episode will also bring back Ellen’s sister, AND Patty’s son. Why does family always spell trouble? The rest of this episode can be summarized with: more Thanksgiving flashbacks (nom nom Turkey nom nom), Oprah shout-out, ominous cornfields, soothing drinks, and spies.