Don’t you hate TV shows that expect fans will passively watch the screen and zone out every few minutes? Well, then I’ve got a show for you: Da Vinci’s Demons.

Anyone else remember the Drew Barrymore movie called Ever After? (Hint: “Just breathe.”) In it, we get a look at Leonardo Da Vinci, played by Patrick Godfrey. He is an inspirational inventor in the movie, and acts as a sort of Fairy Godfather towards Barrymore’s Danielle de Barbarac. Since then, I’ve often thought about how cool it would have been to know him. He was a fascinating character. And anything that touches upon Da Vinci has the possibility for real merit, and Da Vinci’s Demons more than meets that expectation.

leonardo da vinci

I’m going to summarize the plot for you in my very own special plotty-summarizing ways:

You probably already figured out that this is a show about THE Leonardo Da Vinci. He’s a tortured genius. And a sort of war has been going on, a war of truth vs lies, religion vs reason, past vs future, spanx or not… uh, you get the idea.

Because he’s a genius, both sides of this war want to use him. And he decides he wants to be on the side of truth. Plus, what person can’t be a little selfish once in a while?

Anyway, he goes a little bit mad in the process.

Basically, it’s a lot of fun.

tom riley da vinci

This inventive series from the mind of David S. Goyer is a quickly-paced story of the power and madness of genius. With complex characters and a need for active attention (meaning, don’t try to play a computer game and pay attention, you’ll get lost) this series on Blu-ray or DVD is a wonderful way to spend a weekend at home.

In fact, the eight episodes go by quickly, leaving you primed for a second season.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment on September 3rd, the 3-disc Blu-ray or DVD set is an excellent purchase, and I recommend it.

See a more in-depth guide and purchasing info here: Da Vinci’s Demons

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