Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) will be a guest star in four episodes of The Big C. Are you excited,  or still too busy trying to forget Sex and the City 2? (Yea, no love for that particular movie will be found here.)

Cynthia Nixon photo by Steven Sebring

The Big C is the new Showtime series that is coming to your TV screen in August. The series will have a 13-episode run and in four of those episodes Cynthia Nixon will play Rebecca, the long-lost college roommate of Linney’s character. Sounds like a Rebecca Ray recipe for mutual disaster.

The Big C Official synopsis:

THE BIG C stars Three-time Academy Award® nominee, three-time Emmy® winner and three-time Tony Award® nominee Laura Linney as Cathy, a repressed suburban teacher, wife and mother who reclaims her life after a terminal cancer diagnosis. Oliver Platt (2012) stars as her immature, but well-meaning husband. Oscar® nominee Gabourey Sidibe plays a smart-alecky student in Cathy’s class.

Watch The Big C starting August 16th at 10:30, right after Weeds. We surely will be.

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