I was able to have an advance view of the Nikita pilot. Read on to who I think looks like Nikki Reed.

Nikita "Pilot" Pictured: Maggie Q as Nikita Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC.  All rights reserved

Nikita "Pilot" Pictured: Maggie Q as Nikita Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

CW’s Nikita reboot is an intriguing series that revolves around Maggie Q as the title character. Nikta is a former agent of Division, which is an agency that does dirty work for the USA government. Now that she’s gotten out, Nikita wants more than revenge on her captors, she also wants to stop other young teens from being trained as assassins. You might say that her Google calendar is pretty full. And yes, I finally started using that program. (Mostly I play around with changing the colors…)

I don’t feel quite as enthusiastic about Nikita as I did before I saw the pilot. But to be fair, I can’t seem to make Alias comparisons since I was such a big fan of the Jennifer Garner show. (And I preferred Bradley Cooper back then, he seemed less of a jerkface.) Nikita also made my mind jump to thoughts of the recently canceled Dollhouse.

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Twists are aplenty in the pilot, but you’re able to follow them. But the first five minutes of the Nikita pilot felt disjointed and might be difficult to follow for other’s. Luckily, by the ten minute mark you understand the format much more easily. The show does utilize flashbacks, let’s say that much.

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The problem Division has is that they’ve trained Nikita so well that trying to kill her is pretty damn impossible. I believe they’ll have a hard time trying. I’m interested in seeing how Nikita will handle the lead character in terms of how lethal she will be directly. In Alias, we never really saw Sydney Bristow kill anyone on purpose for at least the first couple seasons because I believe the network wanted to make her seem sympathetic (as if a girl who’s been lied to and had her fiancee murdered couldn’t be sympathetic enough). I’d like to see Nikita go darker than it went in the pilot, we can handle it!

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For so much gun-holding, I’d like to see Nikita fire that thing with a kill shot. Until then, I’ll feel a little uneasy about believing that she would have the stomach to stop Division by any means necessary. (And it’s not that I’m pro killing of bad guys, but you can’t have an assassin TV show without some assassinations by the lead character…can you?) While you will see Nikita fire a gun, the only death she causes doesn’t involve her directly killing them. (EDIT: There is a knife incident, but it’s in a flashback so I didn’t count it as that’s when we’re supposed to believe she was a robotic evil sort of person and now she is reformed.)

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I also fully believe Maggie Q in the role of Nikita. Melinda Clarke is a devious fairy godmother whose character seems to be holding secrets (she is always able to play high intensity roles with a real strong presence of calm over the fury), Shane West is a gruff handler who seems to be less cute than I remember, and Lyndsy Fonseca is sort of a Nikki Reed lookalike who is the latest Division recruit. As one of the fellow recruits explains to her, none of them are volunteers. Although watching the school train it seemed like something that would be neat – sign up for spy school and learn to do all sorts of tricks. Nikita certainly learned how to use normal patio chairs as defense against fatal bullets and lipstick cases to trigger explosions.

All in all, I think I still prefer Hellcats over Nikita. Both do have potential.

Nikita airs Thursdays at 9pm starring this fall on The CW.

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