aly hannigan

It just so happens that my watching of season four of “Prison Break” coincides with the lovely Alyson Hannigan discovering that “Break” star Wentworth Miller was in an early episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with her.  Miller was in the season two episode “Go Fish”, memorable for reasons of Xander being in a speedo and Cordelia promising to love a fish-man.

Here are Aly’s tweets about that. I thought it was so sweet to know she was rewatching some of “Buffy”.

Just watched part of a Buffy episode. Umm… that show was SCARY! I’m gonna have nightmares (& not just about my wardrobe)!

It was “Killed by Death”.

Also saw a little of the swim team episode yesterday. Had NO idea that Wentworth Miller was on our show. Don’t know if I ever met him or not

oops. Guess I did meet him. 🙂

I mustn’t have been able to look at him directly cuz of his cuteness

alyson hannigan wentworth miller

This picture is adorable. And Aly, that sweater there isn’t SO bad! Do you forget the hats Willow wore? ;p