After every episode of The Vampire Diaries, I’m left with some questions. This time, I’ve put them in (kinda a) bullet point form!

stefan and elena

Stefan’s Ride: I’m sorry, has Stefan always had such an adorable car? I never noticed it. Maybe because we never see him or the car in the sunlight as often as darkness? It’s not badass though…it’s cute.

The Lake House: How do we only JUST learn about Elena’s family being rich and cool enough to have a gorgeous lake house? (Sidenote: Most vacation/lake homes tend to be semi-far from your actual house though, yes? I got the sense this lakehouse was only an hour away, at the most.)  It’s not exactly the smallest sidebar ever. This is a great extra set to use. And c’mon. Elena and Jeremy are both teens, do you think her friends never want to borrow it to use for steamy nights alone with their paramour’s?

elena and stefanElena’s Parents Just Got Cooler: Okay, given their secret weapons room, Elena’s parents were obviously hip to vampires and against them. But how involved were they? And would they ever approve of Elena and Stefan? (or Elena and Damon? or Jeremy and Anna?)

Teaparty much? How badly do you want to live in a town with teaparties? Seriously. ‘Cause I will move to a town based solely on this fact.

The Lockwood Curse: What kind of fallout will we see from Tyler Lockwood leaving home? Mrs. Lockwood has suffered a lot: the death of her husband, then her husband’s cousin, and now her son has taken off which means he’s NEVER GOING TO GRADUATE (and he’s a werewolf, but she doesn’t know that.) But seriously, Tyler said goodbye to everyone and now he’s left town. Will they track him down or just let it be?

Omission’s Not Allowed: Elena knew all along that Elijah is going to kill her. Gee, let’s count the ways it would have been helpful for her to admit this. Well, Luka was drugged against his will. And everyone was lured into a false sense of security. I suppose we can’t blame all the werewolf deaths and Damon torture on this omission, though.

Got a crush? If you want to bond with your crush, all you need to do is break out some witchcraft activities. Hey, it worked for Jeremy and Bonnie. But which of them is going to break the others heart? There are no happy endings.

What questions did you have after watching “Crying Wolf”?

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